March 5, 2010

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Dear friends:

This website is an attempt to share some of my activities, images and thoughts.   Blatantly,  I am pitching my latest non-academic book and another one will be coming out before long.  Some of you are aware of them; others don’t even realize I do this sort of thing.  In any event, I hope you take some time to explore this site and get back to me.  I would love to  hear from you.

I find endless fascination in some topics that have resulted in or are planned to become books.  They include golf, Lake Superior,  journalism,  and religion/spirituality  Of course I am still a learner.  That’s where you could come in.  I want your reactions to what I have done or am doing, and I’d love it if you would share some of your wild and crazy ideas.  By the way, I’m also interested in  toy trains, travel, Roy Chapman Andrews (the explorer), Cameroon, crossword puzzles, Steve Martin,  photography, and grandfatherhood.

Discovering Lake Superior - By Tom WarrenDiscovering Lake Superior and the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.   Sales benefit the non-profit organization called Friends of the Porkies, a 501(c)(3) group that works for and sings the praises of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.  It is already in its fifth printing and selling well up north.  I have been told that it makes a nice gift.  Please check out ordering it via this website or from  Friends of the Porkies website.

Sub-categories of this blog  go into some detail regarding DLS and other writing projects and include readers’ comments.  My earlier book that explores golf in Rockford, Illinois, and the effect of Tiger Woods on me and that town, invites a new reading since Tiger’s public image dramatically changed during November of 2009.  Since then in some Rockford outlets I have advertised it as being about “…Tiger before the fall.”

Book number three, Newswriting, is bouncing around in my head and contributing to a growing word processing file.  Alive and eager to get out,  it will take many more months before I send it to preliminary readers.  Newswriting is historical fiction with tongue-applied-in-cheek (some of the time).  It takes place in Beloit during 2017 with forays to other times and places.  By plugging away at it I avoid temptations of writing graffiti in public places and stealing hubcaps.

Book number four, tentatively titled The Learner, will be about the agonies and pretty good times of a new minister in an era when spiritualism is pushing institutional religion aside.  Like a person learning to drive a car in the United Kingdom, my protagonist wears an “L” on his clerical outfits.

Please take a look at what I have included under projects,  interests,  and photoblog, and get back to me with  your responses or questions.

Thanks much, and let’s keep in touch.

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